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Fishing Lake

The Fishing Lakes

Our two fishing lakes covering approximately 4 acres are well stocked with Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream and Tench. Both lakes have banks, great for dog walking and taking in the local scenery. Heron lake is on the right looking at the aerial photograph while Kingfisher Lake is at the top.

Aerial photograph of little ranch leisure including the fishing lakes and caravan park

Heron Lake

The lake is so called as we have herons that often land and fish within its waters. Heron Lake is well stocked and has five disabled fishing pegs as well as many standard pegs for all our visitors. The lake is 10 years old and is the larger of the two fishing lakes. Within this lake is the approximately 30lbs or more Sucky the largest fish in the park. Many visitors compete to catch this giant fish and once caught Sucky is released back into the lake for other visitors.

Kingfisher Lake

This fishing lake was dug out and made approximately 3 years ago. Kingfisher Lake is the smaller of the two lakes but also includes an island in the centre. The island is home to a bat cave as well as various birds. The Lake is named after the Kingfishers that land on the island and use the bird boxes we’ve provided. Currently the middle island is home to Kingfishers and Kestrels and is used as a conservation area.

Day tickets can be purchased from the site office, for more information get in contact or check our prices for visitors.

Sucky 30lbs
Sucky Now 30lbs
View from across the lake
The View at the Lake
Evening Sunset
Early evening at the lake
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